Welcome To Wildfire Retics!

I love reptiles of all kinds. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been infatuated with all cold-blooded creatures, especially snakes. I used to catch frogs, lizards and garter snakes growing up and keep them in shoe boxes and plastic containers in my closet. I’ve owned hundreds of snakes in my life, spanning the gamut from Corn Snakes to Monocle Cobras. When I got my first Reticulated Python, things started getting more serious.

Retics simply captivate me. Their curiosity, personality and overall intelligence continually blow me away. Not to mention the myriad of colors and patterns that can be created. From the time I purchased my first Retic, I’ve been hooked.

That is why I dubbed my program “WildFire Retics” It’s a passion that was ignited and has spread like WILDFIRE.

The core mission of WildFire Retics is to provide every reptile enthusiast the opportunity to own one jaw-dropping, stop-you-in-your-tracks, exhibition worthy Reticulated Python. I’ve meticulously selected my stock from the absolute best of the best in the United States. With rare localities and best of the best specimens of certain genetic mutations, the animals I provide are simply world class.

I’ve spared no expense in acquiring my snakes nor the caging & care they are given. In turn, this has allowed me the opportunity to provide absolutely mind blowing snakes to my customers. There will always be other breeders and other animals available – however the difference will be obvious. A WildFire Retic will always burn its image into your memory!